How much does a wedding cost?

A wedding can cost anything from thousands to millions of Naira, it all depends on where you are having the wedding, what vendors you are using, and how big/grand your wedding is. To give you an idea, the average wedding cost in Nigeria is N3m — 5m depending on your guest's size, details of your wedding and choice of vendors,

Who pays for the wedding?

Traditionally, or should I say in the past the parents used to pay for the wedding but nowadays you see couples paying for their weddings. It all depends on the family.

How do I save for a wedding?

Before you think of spending all your savings on a wedding, think about life after the wedding, where will you live? What schools will your kids go to? After thinking this through and you decide you still want to save then 3 ways you can save for a wedding are: getting a joint account just for the wedding, looking out for deals & bargains, and accepting gifts and cash from family and friends.

How can I plan a wedding on a low income?

Cut your coat according to your cloth, have the wedding you can afford not the wedding you have dreamt of. Have a simple, intimate, cost-effective wedding with a few family and friends and when you can afford it, have a big wedding later on.

Do I go for my honeymoon now or when I can afford it?

Honestly, just go! Go somewhere affordable where you can relax from all the wedding planning stress with your new spouse. It doesn’t have to be The Santa Barbara, just go somewhere affordable and when you can afford it go to The Santa Barbara,

How much does a wedding dress cost:

Wedding dresses can cost anything from the thousands of millions of Naira. It all depends on who is making the dress, where it is being made, and what has been used to make the dress. Any dress that speaks volumes will be expensive whereas most simple wedding dresses not made by big names are less expensive

Where should I spend money and where should I cut back?

This all depends on you, what is important to you? A couple of things are a given like food, decor (maybe), venue, photography, makeup, etc, but it all depends on you. You will need to invest money in what is important to you at your wedding

Should bridesmaids pay for their dresses?

There’s no simple answer to this. Back in the day or if the bride can afford it she will get the bridesmaids' dresses but now that the dresses are more fashionable and being made by top designers it becomes too expensive for the bride to pay for. My advice is to go in expecting to pay for your dresses and have an honest conversation with the bride if the costs are coming up too high

Who pays for what with the bridal party?

Similar to the above, go in expecting to pay for your dress, makeup, hair, shoes, etc, and have an honest conversation with the bride. Brides should be open to paying for something and covering shortfalls if they can.

How do I ask for money as a gift at my wedding?

The best way is to have a link for a giving page/website that makes it look legit and like an actual gift, do not ask people to place money into an envelope and give it to you. There are websites out there that couples can use to collect cash gifts for their wedding

Should I take a loan for my wedding?

I would advise against this, if you must, take a loan for certain elements like the hall, food, honeymoon, etc that can easily be paid back but not a full-on loan for the whole wedding, you do not want to start your wedding on debt.

Even after applying the whole thing, having a professional wedding planner to guide you through the process, to make the planning and the big day seamless is the BEST choice for you.

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